I’m working with exploring weaving as building of an image, not in using traditional tapestry techniques, but by shuttling the weft as in weaving a rug or a cloth. In order to create a composition I use different dyeing and painting methods of the material, warp and weft before completing the image in the process of weaving.  

In my projects I deal with themes such as sentiment and longing. I work with transmitting my inner images to the weav together with exploring the image in the weav and the weav as the carrier of an image. The colour is of significance and I try to understand how it can be perceived through the warp and the weft when woven together. In my imagination the images are abstracted places and landscapes (both studies and imaginary) and it is these places that I want to depict in the weav.

I’ve recently graduated from a three-year bachelor studies in fine art with a specialization in textile art at the University of Design and Crafts in Gothenburg.